Crown Investments Corporation (CIC) is the holding company for the province’s commercial Crown corporations. CIC oversees subsidiary Crown corporation strategic direction and manages a framework designed to strengthen governance, performance and accountability of Crown corporations and to assist Crown corporation boards in discharging their responsibilities. CIC manages CIC Asset Management Inc. Additionally, CIC provides oversight to a number of funds established with financial assistance or administrative coordination by the provincial government.

CIC is administering the distribution of reserve funds accumulated in the Capital Pension Plan, Retirement Annuity Fund pursuant to a Court Application. If, prior to January 1, 1994, you were employed with one of the 27 employers which contributed to the reserve funds, you may be an eligible beneficiary.

Who we are
The Crown Investments Corporation (CIC) is the financially self-sufficient holding company for Saskatchewan’s commercial Crown corporations.

CIC’s roots are in the Government Finance Office (GFO) which was established in 1947 to act as a holding company and to be a mechanism for policy, directing investment and routing dividends into the Provincial Governments consolidated Fund. In 1978, the GFO was renamed Crown Investment Corporation of Saskatchewan. The Crown Corporations Act, 1993 is the corporation’s governing legislation.

CIC is mandated to exercise supervisory powers over its subsidiary Crown corporations as well as operating as a Crown corporation itself

Address: 400 – 2400 College Avenue Regina, Saskatchewan Canada S4P 1C8
Phone: (306) 787-6851

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